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Limra Tech works to partner with qualified CCTV installers to offer third party surveillance system & security camera installation services in the following areas. Please note that our list of CCTV installers changes because businesses rise and fade; we do our best to keep our list up to date.

We Design Security Solutions for Various Industries.

Airport Security Solutions

In today's fast paced world, huge number of people and goods pass via an airport. It's 100% fact that airport s are targets of many unwanted issues specially terrorism. To indentify these kind of activities and maintaining a record of people who pass through it, video surveillance system plays a vital role. Limratech provides amazing solutions and tools which is formulated to achieve the needs of airports and public transport junction.

Shopping Environments and Public Solutions

Shopping malls are often using a CCTV for their security purpose to monitor large crowds and expensive articles & actions of customers and employees to make awareness to individuals. Limratech delivers best quality of surveillance solutions that is designed for retail showrooms and malls.

Office Security System

CCTV plays an important role in protection of the corporate world. It can control the thefts in Workplace, monitor the discipline of employee and protect the office against unlawful activities. We Deliver corporative surveillance system which is specially designed to office safety and survey their workers.

Security Solutions for Banks and Finance House

Banks are one of the most secure place in world, CCTV plays an important and required tool to their security system. It prevents robberies, cheque fraud and protects money transaction in banks. We design unique tools that supports to banks and other financial sectors.

High Population Area Security

Security is most important in public areas where huge number of people present. It makes an individual to be aware and protect the people from threat of terrorism. Limratech offers genuine surveillance technology that observes people faces and handle Activities of large volume of people.

City Surveillance

CCTV is widely being used in cities for their protection in public spaces. It analyse people behaviour, prevent crimes. It provides a pleasant life for people through it security. We designed special tool by using excellent technology which creates the city a Happy & Safe place to live.

Transport Security Solution

Transport system has some new challenges in surveillance technology. It provides public safety and peaceful travel. It also monitor the motion of objects even miles away from the control room. Limratech develops and offers the powerful tool and reach the challenges of these sectors.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: the companies that we offer installation referrals to are not employees of Limra Tech and should be checked out by you. While we do our best to keep our list clean with only honest and reliable companies, which is always a challenge. We recommend that if you decide to use a company that we have referred, please take the time tocheck them out just as you checked us out.

We recommend checking your local Better Business Bureau to make sure any installation company has a good reputation.

You can read about some of the installations done using our equipment on our surveillance systems installation articles page. The states listed above have installers in our database.